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Sara All, Principal
mob: 0723-63 20 55

Direct number to Akvarellen: 070-4457698

Skarpnäcks allé 30,
128 33 Skarpnäck

Akvarellen avdelning 1

Nummer: 070-445 76 98


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Preschool Akvarellen, Skarpnäck

Right in the Centre of Skarpnäck, next to ICA on Flygfältsgatan 30, Tellusbarn is about to open a pre-school called Akvarellen. The school will welcome about 70 children. Akvarellen will pursue education and activities in accordance with the general curriculum focusing on language, creativity and health. Care, education and learning will characterize the days in school. Akvarellen will have a Swedish-English profile and there will be four groups of children, aged 1-3 years and 3-6 years. The school’s private playground is fenced in which enables the children to explore and play. Next to the school there is a public playground and a football field which can be utilized when needed 

The premises are large and very bright and includes a studio and a drama room where the children can develop their creative abilities together with teachers and instructors. The proximity to libraries, parks and public transports makes the whole of Stockholm accessible to staff and children.

Children have access to more languages ​​than what we call the verbal language. They convey thoughts, experiences and feelings by, for example, drawing, painting, singing and dancing. Likewise, children learn in different ways and the creative process contributes to learning in other areas such as science, technology, mathematics and language. At Akvarellen, all children will be given the opportunity to participate in a creative environment with varied methods and materials together with committed teachers and a special studio teacher.

It is of vital importance to stimulate language development in each child. Every day the children are given the opportunity to listen to fairy tales and stories. Singing and social interaction is part of playing. We encourage and make the most of the children’s openness and interest in the written language and use the model “Före Bornholmsmodellen” to give each child the opportunity to develop their linguistic ability. 

“Före Bornholmsmodellen” is a special way of teaching children to read. The children play games that are based on the sound of the letters, phonetics.

Mealtimes are the time of day when we talk and express our thoughts on what we have done or things that we have discovered.  

The Swedish-English profile means that the teachers are bilingual and they speak both Swedish and English with the children. The activities we have around languages, like fairytale reading and assemblies will be conducted in both Swedish and English. The teachers have a special approach when communicating and interacting with the bilingual children.

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