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Contact & Address

Maria Friberg, manager
Mob: 070-760 17 85

Förskolan Backen
Storholmsbackarna 34
127 43 Skärholmen


Fjärilen: 072-253 17 63
Humlan: 072-253 17 64
Nyckelpigan: 072-253 17 65


Backen is located high up in Storholmsbackarna in a nice, green area where the sun often shines. In the preschool plot, there is an opening in the woods where each group grow their own plants and learn about cultivation. We welcome 50 children, at the most, divided into three groups.

Opening hours are 06.30 – 18.30


may, 2019

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Preschool Backen, Vårberg

At our preschool, the children are given the opportunity to develop their abilities to talk, listen, reflect and express themselves in many different ways. Music and singing are important parts of developing the ability to express feelings and thoughts.

Children learn about different subjects such as science and mathematics, but in a simplified and, for them, enjoyable way. Our teachers are well aware of that some children are very skilled in the Swedish language and others have basic knowledge.
Whether we are in the nearby parks or further afield, we “Learn by Doing”, which means that children learn with all senses and the body.

It’s much easier to practice a healthy lifestyle when the concept is introduced at an early age. Playing outdoors is very good for children. It strengthens their health, they learn more and faster and they develop their motor skills. Therefore, our children spend a lot of time outdoors either in the play area or on an excursion or maybe exploring the forest.

We bring materials back into school from our outdoor activities. These can then be used in our studio to create new exciting things.

It is in preschool, we can start good habits. Acquiring motor skills is part of a child’s development. Dance and PE are regular features indoors or in the play area or maybe in the forest.

Being out and about also help to make children aware of their surroundings as well as learning about The Swedish Right of Public Access.

Each group has their own studio which gives great opportunities for children to develop their senses and to express their thoughts and feelings. Multisensory experiences help children remember and retain information more effectively. Through creation of different kinds of materials and techniques such as clay, painting with sponges, brushes and marble painting the children experiment by themselves and together with the teachers.

The majority of the children in our preschool have a mother tongue other than Swedish and of course we adapt our teaching methods. By combining storytelling and library visits with drama, singing and discussion groups, we put words on everything we do and experience. The children are introduced to different parts of Swedish society.

A healthy lifestyle includes good eating habits. At Backen we serve breakfast, lunch and snacks with a high proportion of organic ingredients. The lunch is prepared and cooked from scratch in Tellusbarn’s kitchens. We serve a nutritious diet and teaches the kids to appreciate vegetables and other healthy foods. Mealtimes are also a moment for reflection and learning. We talk about what we discovered during the day, put words to on what we eat and make use of the meal to develop language, maths and science.

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