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Contact & Address

Contact Person
Maria Friberg, Head of Preschool
Mob: 070-760 17 85

Karin Bergwall, assistant head of preschool

Mob: 0723-700 623

Förskolan Galaxen
Götgatan 104
118 62 Stockholm

Groups and office

Office: 072-370 06 23
Stjärnan: 072-370 06 25
Planeten: 072-370 06 26
Månen: 072-370 06 27
Pluto: 072-370 06 28
Solen: 072-370 06 29
Rymdskeppet: 072-370 06 31
Vintergatan 072-370 06 30


Secluded, tucked away from traffic and noise, you will find Galaxen in the court yard above Ringen’s Centrum. We welcome, at the most,125 children divided into 7 groups, including two English-Swedish groups.

Our opening hours are 06.30 – 18.30. For parents working non-standard hours we offer childcare 24 h a day


may, 2019

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Preschool Galaxen, Södermalm

Children have access to more languages than the verbal or spoken language. They can convey thoughts and feelings by drawing, painting, singing or creating different types of modeling. Learning is multi-sensory and the creative process contributes to the children’s learning process in other areas such as science, technology and engineering, mathematics and languages.

Galaxen has two studios that give the children, whatever age they are, great opportunities to develop their minds and express themselves through the creations.

Children who spend lots of time outdoors are less prone to infections. They also have a more confident attitude to outdoor environments. Outdoor activities give children the opportunity to take advantage of the diversity of what Mother Nature has to offer. There are endless opportunities for educational activities among cones, leaves, ants and snails giving us knowledge in language as well as mathematics and science. Outdoor education at Galaxen also puts extra focus on sports and the activities are always adjusted to suit the children.

Galaxen offer childcare 24 h a day for preschool children of all ages. This means that we take care of the children during evenings, nights as well as weekends. The children will be looked after by experienced teachers in an environment especially set up so that the children will feel safe and secure, no matter the time of day.

In our bilingual groups, you will meet Swedish-speaking and English-speaking teachers and we talk to the children in both languages. The days are filled with activities such as storytelling, dancing and singing both in Swedish and English. The teachers are experienced and equipped with techniques that support dual-language learning. This is important as the children have a varied command of Swedish and English when they start in this group. Our experience shows that children in preschool embrace both languages, regardless of the language spoken in the home.

At Galaxen, nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks are served with a high proportion of organic ingredients. The food is prepared and cooked from scratch in Tellusbarn’s kitchen. A healthy lifestyle includes good eating habits and all meals are equally important to growing children. We try to teach the kids about food, to appreciate healthy food such as vegetables and to avoid too much sugar and salt.
We see meal times as an important opportunity to settle down and to talk with the children, as part of their linguistic and social development.


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