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Contact & Address

Birgitta Gugg, Head of preschool
Mob:  073-738 98 62

Förskolan Oasen
Byälvsvägen 30
128 48 Bagarmossen


Palmen: 0739 509 890
Kaktusen: 0739 509 891
Vattenfallet: 0739 509 892


The school is newly refurbished, placed in a lovely plot, and located at Byälvsvägen.

The preschool is surrounded by walk paths, inspiring parks and country side.

Opening hours are 06:30–18:30, Monday-Friday all year around except on public holidays, and New Year’s Eve, Midsummer Eve, and Christmas Eve.


may, 2019

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Preschool Oasen, Bagarmossen

Children have access to more languages than what we call verbal or spoken language. They convey thoughts and emotions when drawing, painting, singing or different types of modeling. Learning is multi-sensory.

The children are given great opportunities to develop their senses and express thoughts and feelings through arts and crafts, and one day a week the preschool has the support of an art teacher.

Oasen is bilingual and you meet English-speaking as well Swedish-speaking teachers in all groups and we talk with the children in both languages. The days are filled with activities such as storytelling, dancing and singing both in English and Swedish. The teachers working at Oasen have the skills and the experience to handle the different levels of language knowledge that the children may have when they start in our preschool.

Information for parents is available in both English and Swedish. Our experience shows that children in pre-school embrace both languages, regardless of the language spoken in the home.

Learning is a lot easier if you are happy and inspired.  Music, singing and joy are important ingrediencies in our work to develop children’s ability to express their feelings and thoughts.

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