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Contact & Address

School Manager
Maarit Andersson
Tel: 070 090 51 59;

Förskolan Piazzan
Tomtevägen 4
17670 Järfälla

08-408 948 80


Blue 072-302 86 51
Red 072-302 86 13
Green 072-302 84 66
Orange 073-992 88 19
Purple 076-548 99 74


Piazzan is located in Kallhäll in Järfälla, close to communication and country-side. The pre-school has a large play area with plenty of room for games and other activities. In the back yard we have access to a barbecue area and a small forest area.


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Ansökan om förskoleplats: (to apply for a preschool) by clicking on further information on how to apply for a preschool at Järfälla Kommun’s e-services.

Försäkring vid olycksfall: (Insurance in case of accidents) will send you to information about Järfälla Kommun’s accident insurance at pre-schools.

Lämna in schema: (submit schedule) Working hours and the hours for the child to be submitted via Järfälla municipality’s e-services. Click on the link to submit a new schedule.

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Preschool Piazzan, Kallhäll

The work at Piazzan is inspired by Reggio Emilia.

Everything at the preschool is based on respect for the child and a conviction that all children are born rich and intelligent with a strong inherent driving force to explore the world. Within Reggio Emilia, one usually talks about the Three Educators:

The child – is capable by her/himself! Sometimes with the help of other children or with encouragement or support from an adult

The environment – Encourages communicating, playing, exploring and learning. The environment changes according to the needs of the children.

The adults or teachers – are always close by and support in the background. By listening, co-learning and observing, we learn to understand what the child needs.

The teachers at Piazzan have a positive attitude and believe in the  ability and competence in each child. We meet the children with respect so that they develop a high self-esteem.

There are 6 groups at the preschool: Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Purple. The groups are aged as follows Yellow, Blue and Red: 1-2 year-olds, Green: 3 year-olds, Orange: 3-4 year-olds, Purple: 4-5 year-olds. The oldest children in each group move on to the next age-group in August, but if needed, relocations may also take place in January.

All children have a rest after lunch. The youngest children may have their nap outdoors on the big terrace in their own pram/push-chair or indoors. For the older children, relaxation is offered with soft music and/or listening to the teacher reading a book. If needed, it is also possible for the older children to have a nap.

Each group has its own schedule for activities. These are carried out on the basis of the theme or project relevant to each group. Usually, there are activities between 9:00 until lunch and then again after midday rest and until 2:00 pm.

The food is prepared and cooked in our kitchen by an employed chef. Every meal is made from fresh ingredients focusing on healthy and good food. We share opinion of the National Food Ageny, that good and nutritious meals, evenly distributed throughout the day, are important in order to be able to play and learn.

The pre-school has a large play area with plenty of room for the children to play games or enjoy other activities. In the back yard, we have a barbecue area and a small forest area.

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