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Contact & Address

Birgitta Gugg, Head of preschool
Mob:  073-738 98 62

Förskolan Sherwood
Bergsgatan 35
112 28 Stockholm


Fjärilen: 072-370 06 17
Vargen: 072-370 06 18
Delfinen: 072-370 06 19
Pingvinen: 072-370 06 21
Ekorren: 072-363 20 61


Sherwood is located in Kungsholmen on Bergsgatan 35. We serve breakfast, lunch and snacks. The meals are prepared from scratch in our own kitchen.  We welcome, at the most, 80 children divided in 5 groups. 

Opening hours are 06:30–18:30, Monday-Friday all year around except on public holidays, and New Year’s Eve, Midsummer Eve, and Christmas Eve.


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Preschool Sherwood, Kungsholmen

The bilingual concept at Sherwood means that you meet Swedish-speaking and English-speaking teachers in all groups. We talk with the children in both languages.

The days are filled with activities such as storytelling, dancing and singing in both Swedish and English. The teachers are experienced and are equipped with techniques that support dual-language learning. This is important as the children have a varied command of Swedish and English when they start in this group. Our experience shows that children in preschool embrace both languages, regardless of the language spoken in the home.

With well-planned outdoor activities, children will enjoy being out in the fresh air even more. Children who spend lots of time outdoors are less prone to infections. They also have a more confident attitude to outdoor environments. Sometimes we take a pic-nick on our excursions.
Outdoor activities also give children the opportunity to take advantage of the diversity that Mother Nature has to offer. There are endless opportunities for educational activities among cones, leaves, ants and snails, giving us knowledge in languages as well as mathematics and science.
Whether we are in the nearby parks or on longer trips, all senses are part of the learning process.

We learn how to keep the outdoor environment clean by picking rubbish and recycling and we also learn how wild plants and animals function. Being out and about helps to make children aware of their surroundings as well as learning about The Swedish Right of Public Access.

At Sherwood, we serve breakfast, lunch and snacks with a high proportion of organic ingredients. All meals are cooked from scratch in the Tellusbarns kitchen. For children, all meals are equally important and in preschool we introduce children to good eating habits. We teach the kids about food, to appreciate healthy food such as vegetables and to avoid too much sugar and salt.

Mealtimes are an important time of day to take the opportunity to talk with the children and work on their linguistic and social development.

Children have access to more languages than the verbal or spoken language. They can convey thoughts and feelings by drawing, painting, singing or creating different types of modeling. Learning is multi-sensory.
Our studio accommodates children of all ages to develop their minds and express themselves through Arts and Crafts, supported by an Art Teacher. We work creatively both indoors and outdoors and challenge the kids with different kinds of materials.

At the end of each term, the children get the opportunity to put all their creations on show. To the exhibition, parents and others guests are invited.

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