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Contact & Address

School Manager
Sara All
mob: 0723-63 20 55

Love Almqvistväg 4 C
112 53 Stockholm


Guldet: 0704-457691



The Rainbow is located at the Love Almqvist road in Kristineberg. The pre-school has its own playground and welcomes 35 children in this charming environment.


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The Rainbow / English Swedish preschool

The premises, where the preschool is located, go back a long time. In these premises, Alva Myrdal started and run a contemporary pre-school, “Storbarnkammaren”. Alva Myrdal was a pioneer in Swedish pre-school education and she was very much part of the reformed Swedish Pre-schools and Schools. She also received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1982.

The Rainbow, just like other pre-schools within Tellusbarn group, focuses on language, creativity and health, based on the national curriculum. These three areas form an entity around the children’s learning and development. We work systematically with children’s language development through the model “Före Bornholmsmodellen”, which is a concept that promotes learning to read and write later on in school.

The pre-school is bilingual and this concept means that you will meet both Swedish- and English-speaking teachers in every group. We talk to the children in both languages, even though our main language is Swedish. Regardless of which language is spoken in the home, our experiences is, that children at pre-school take in both languages. Information for parents is available in both Swedish and English.

At the Rainbow, there is a studio teacher who is responsible for activities in the studio and in our PE-room.

The children are given the opportunity to work together, in peace and quiet, in small groups. The children work with just a few materials at the time to enable them to focus.

Children have access to more languages ​​than, what we call, the verbal language. Therefore, it is important that all children are given the opportunity to convey thoughts and feelings through different forms of expressions. Children learn in different ways and the creative process contributes to learning in other areas such as science, technology, mathematics and language.

In the kitchen, on the premises, our chef has access to fresh and healthy ingredients and cooks the meals from scratch. The meals are well balanced and nutritious.

We share the opinion of the Swedish Food Administration (SFA), that tasty and nutritious meals served throughout the day are important and provides the energy the children need for playing and learning.

The pre-school has a large play ground with plenty of room for playing, running about and other outdoor activities. At the back of the house there is a barbecue area and a small woodland.

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