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Sara All, Head of preschool
mob: 0723-63 20 55

Preschool Torget
Rinkebytorget 8
163 73 Spånga


Flygande mattan: 072-370 06 00

Solen: 072-370 06 02

Djungeln: 072-370 06 03

Trädet: 072-370 06 04

Fjärilen:072-370 06 09

Stjärnan: 072-370 06 13


The preschool is in the heart of Rinkeby. We welcome, at the most, 101 children, divided into 6 groups. We have our own art room and our own kitchen. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are served. We cook all the meals from scratch and the meat is always Halal.

Opening hours are 06.30-17.30, but the time frame agreement applies.


may, 2019

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Preschool Torget, Rinkeby

Most children in Rinkeby have a foreign background. Some are newcomers. Others are part of families that have lived in Sweden a long time. It is of great importance to work with the Swedish language and we adapt our methods to that most children have another first language than Swedish. Our teachers are used to handling groups that have a very mixed command of Swedish. Some children are fluent while others hardly speak a word. By combining storytelling, visits to the theater with drama games, sign language and dialogue, we put words on everything we do and experience.

Play is important in the development of the speech and language communication. Through playing, the imagination, empathy, speech and ability to interact are stimulated. At Torget each child learns how to process feelings and emotions.

To have and to know your own identity and your native language is very important to children if they are to grow up with self-esteem and respect for other cultures. It also makes it all the easier to learn Swedish. Research and experience show this. Therefore, we see native language training and the children’s cultural background as an important part of the work to prepare the children for Swedish society. Our multi-cultural staff makes all this possible.

Children have access to more languages than what we call verbal or spoken language. They can convey thoughts and feelings by drawing, painting, singing or creating different types of modeling. Learning is multi-sensory.

Torget has a studio that gives the children, whatever age they are, great opportunities to develop their minds and express themselves through the creations of various materials, all with the support of an Art Teacher.

In the same way that food is an important part of life, it is also an important part of our preschool. It is in preschool, we teach the children good eating habits. At Torget we serve breakfast, lunch and snacks. All the meals are cooked from scratch in our kitchen.

We serve a nutritious diet, halal meat and try to teach the kids to appreciate vegetables and other healthy food. Having our own kitchen makes it possible for us to help children get a healthy start in life.

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