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Preschool The Cottage

Katarina Bangata 31-33

116 39 Stockholm 

Number of departments: 3

Number of children's places: 50

Opening hours: We follow the municipality's framework times for opening hours, which is currently 6:30-18:30.

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Bilingual preschool with creative focus

The Cottage preschool is located on quiet Katarina Bangata on Södermalm, close to culture, parks and green areas. The preschool premises are bright and spacious and provide good opportunities for children's exploration and play. The Cottage has a Swedish-English profile and access to its own art educator, who works in different creative processes together with the children.

Preschool lays the foundation for lifelong learning and should be fun, safe and educational for all children who participate. The Cottage is a general pedagogical preschool and follows the Education Act, the curriculum and other national policy documents. We base our teaching on the interests and experiences of children, where play is at the heart of the game. Through play, children learn to interact with each other, show consideration and dare to take their place. In play, the language develops and the children get an outlet for their creativity and imagination. Anything is possible in the game!

Our teaching includes many different activities and provides space for the children's own exploration. With us, the children are given the opportunity to make active choices themselves and we meet the children where they are and challenge them based on their own circumstances. Preschool should be fun, educational, safe and secure for all children. That's why we at The Cottage have established routines for both care, teaching and safety.

The fact that The Cottage has a Swedish-English profile means that there are English-speaking educators who largely speak English with the children, in both teaching and care situations. Our main language is Swedish, but we make sure that songs, books and other material are available in both Swedish and English. In this way, children can acquire both languages in preschool. Preschool educators have strategies for meeting children who both speak more or less Swedish and English

With its creative environment, The Cottage offers great opportunities for children of different ages to develop their senses and express themselves through creation in different materials, together with the preschool art educator.  Our creative environment is accessible to all children and children are given the opportunity to try many different materials and techniques. Giving children space for different forms of expression is of great importance for children's development, both linguistically and motorically. In addition, creating together promotes the community in the group and strengthens children's self-confidence.

Learning, health and well-being go hand in hand, which is why we know that care in preschool is at least as important as teaching. Children need a balanced day rhythm where they get the opportunity for movement and activity, but also for recovery and rest. When we at The Cottage plan the preschool's teaching and routines, we start from the whole child's day. Children are best served in small groups, which is why we organize our education at preschool so that children can stay in smaller groups as far as possible.

Every week we have different movement activities with the children, which, like all other teachings, is based on play and joy. Through mobility activities, not only are children's motor skills and body image stimulated, we also lay the foundation for healthy habits later in life.

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