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Working at Tellusbarn

The high quality of our company is created in the daily encounters between teachers and children in our preschools and by dedicated and qualified employees.

Participation and skills

At Tellusbarn we welcome our employees to take part in the development of the work at school. As a person, you have great opportunity for development. We make sure that all teachers, every week, have time for thought and reflection about the situation at school, either by themselves or together with colleagues. Every autumn we have an educational day together with all the other Tellusbarn preschools.
Every preschool has a teacher development plan for the whole team as well as on a personal level. This can include activities within the school or externally; such as lectures and workshops.

All teachers receive regular training in safety (fire and CPR) and ergonomics. We also have access to tutorial sessions for work teams, in Education and Special Education Needs.

There is an internal career ladder and most preschool managers are internally recruited. Our preschool managers are responsible for 1-2 preschools and they take very much part in the everyday activities of their schools.

At the staff performance appraisal, once a year we make an individual development plan for each employee. The viewpoints of all the employees are put together in the annual employee survey.

Collective Agreement

Your health, safety and general well-being is very important to us. We are covered by Almega Collective Bargaining Agreements for private schools. All employees have an Occupational Pension and AFA insurance should any occupational injuries occur. You will also receive parental leave supplement during the first period of parental leave and when you are back at work and have worked for 3 months.

All our employees receive health care contributions and meals, as well as work wear and a rucksack for outdoor use. We want the children to get ready for a world of diversity, and our ambition is that our work teams be characterized by ethnic diversity and gender balance.


To feel rested and ready to go is of vital importance. Therefore, we allow 25 days’ holiday for everyone, but if you are 40 years old you get 31 days and over 50 you get 32 days.

If you are off sick for a longer period than 14 days, we make up for the 10% wage loss for part of your sick period.

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