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Together we make a better school

Viewpoints and proposals

Suggestions, points and complaints

We have high demands on our educational quality and see it as an opportunity to improve our work. It is also extremely important to us that you as a parent feel confident with us and our business.

To whom do I complain?

If there is something that does not match your expectations or you are unhappy with your child’s education or our business; then in the first place, talk to your child’s teachers at the preschool.
Should this not solve the problem and your concern persists, talk to the preschool manager. The manager will, together with the staff, act toward a solution. You can either email the preschool manager or book an appointment. If you want to speak your native language at the meeting, please contact us so we can either ensure that a teacher who speaks your language participate in the meeting, or an independent interpreter.

Should it be that you are still not satisfied with the way the preschool handles your problem, you can make a written complaint to the Managing Director at Tellusbarn; Malin Hökeberg, mail address Please state to whom you have spoken to about your problem.

Should you want to remain anonymous when you convey your thoughts, many preschools have suggestion boxes. However, we recommend that you enter your contact information so we can give feedback.

We always encourage parents to join a parent committee, where parents have opportunities to state their opinions and get a deeper knowledge of our activities.

What about feedback?

Within 10 working days, the preschool manager has to answer your complaint. Sometimes a complaint can be complicated and takes longer to investigate. Do we need more than 10 days, we will notify you the reason for delay.

What happens with the complaint?

A complaint is always recorded and we look into the problem as well as follow it up. Preschools report to the Board the complaints received and how they have handled the situation.

Mail your thoughts

Ditt namn (obligatorisk)

Din epost (obligatorisk)


Ditt meddelande

To develop our schools and communication with parents, we work in different ways and through different channels:

Handover at the pick-up and drop-off

The daily chat in connection with pick up and drop off is by far the most important form of communication between home and preschool. As a parent, you should regularly be informed of what has happened at preschool and how your child enjoyed it. The employees have routines on how to inform each other about the children, so parents get the right information. We would also like to receive information from parents about what is happening at home and how we can be of support to you.


Each term the preschool staff invites the parents/guardians for a talk regarding the child’s everyday life in kindergarten. Do take the opportunity to ask questions about your child and school! You can of course, at any time make an appointment with the teachers if you have questions about the school or your child’s everyday life at the preschool.


Every term, parents are invited to a meeting where we keep you up to date on our school’s activities.


To engage in the parents’ committee is a good way to gain insight into pre-school activities. It is also an opportunity to raise issues in a smaller forum. A parent committee is made up of parents who meet up 1-2 times per term with the preschool manager and possibly a representative from the staff to discuss issues. One member of the committee takes minutes to be distributed to the other families. Everyone who wants, can participate in parents’ committee.

Every other week, we will mail a newsletter in which we talk about the highlights of the weeks. The ambition is that weekly letters should be something more than just a description of the daily activities. If possible, the educational purpose in the activities shall be described and explained.

At the end of each term, we invite all families to an Exhibition (in the spring we call it a summer party) where children and teachers will have the opportunity to show their artworks.

When preparing children for preschool, parents should be present. This means that children and parents are introduced to everything in the school for a few days. During that time, you as a parent stay with your child all the time.

The purpose of parental presence is that parents and children together get to know the teachers, the new school and the way we work. After a few days together, when the child is ready, the parents then leave the child at preschool.

The length of the introduction is, of course, adapted to each child and depends on the child’s adjustment to the new school. After a few weeks, there will be a follow-up meeting with the teacher in charge and the parents.

In terms of preschool, the most important thing for you is of course what concerns your child.

But, by taking part, you can contribute a lot to the whole school by sharing your skills and experiences with us. Perhaps you are good at an art craft that can enhance our creative work? Maybe you can suggest a sightseeing trip or a cultural event that the kids can take part in?

If your native country is another country than Sweden, you may want to tell us about your cultural background or share your linguistic knowledge. Maybe you want to tell us and the children stories from your home country, how you celebrate holidays or what games children play in your country?

Whatever, do not hesitate to let us know how you can take part.

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