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Food for Joy

Healthy food and sustainable cooking are important parts of the Tellusbarns concept. Our food policy is based on the following guidelines:

  • A large proportion (about 40%) of all the ingredients are local produce and/or organic.
  • The food is prepared from scratch in our kitchen (in Stockholm)
  • Avoiding salt and sugar as much as we can, we serve a wholesome and balanced diet, according to NFA (National Food Administration) recommendations for preschools.
  • The meals are inspired from all corners of the world.
  • To get the children used to eating vegetables and to reduce environmental impact, we serve vegetarian dishes twice a week,.
  • We serve only MSC-labeled (Marine Stewardship Council) fish.
  • Vegetables are served with all meals
  • The organic bread is home made.

Mealtimes are the start for healthy eating habits. Our chefs have a good knowledge of nutrition and we strive to follow the recommendations of the NFA given for nutritious food in preschool.

We carefully select ingredients and as far as we can use organic and/or local produce and MSC-labeled seafood.

Our children are regularly served vegetarian food and a daily variety of vegetables and salads. With all meals, we drink milk. Of course, our meals are adjusted to allergies or food ideologies.

Food is also culture, and we serve food inspired from all over the world. We have an important task to prepare children for today’s Sweden and the world at large, and this responsibility also applies to our cuisine.

How the food is served and presented is a major part of our work to wake children’s interest in food. Therefore, we attach particular importance to it in our kitchen. Mealtimes are also important from a social perspective.

Children learn table manners, respect for others and to take responsibility for their choices and actions. Sitting down and eating together gives teachers and children an opportunity to talk about the daily activities and exchange ideas and thoughts.

It is an opportunity to develop children’s language and interest in science and mathematics. It is also an opportunity for teachers to get feedback from the children what they thought was fun and what they want to do more of.

Offer to other preschools 

To preschools, in and around Stockholm, we are happy to offer catered lunches as an affordable and wholesome option. The meals are prepared from scratch in our kitchen, the same day as delivered, and we don’t compromise on quality.

To reduce unnecessary waste of resources, you can, on a weekly basis, reduce or increase the number of servings.

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Narges Moshiri, Tel:  070-760 20 40

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