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Our mission

The mission of our company is based on the holistic needs of children. The education combines care, nurturing and learning to support each child’s well-being and development. It is a mission that we are passionate about!


At Tellusbarn, we are committed to creating a safe environment for children, both indoors and outdoors. We serve healthy food and have clear procedures for hygiene. We adjust the size of the groups based on the age of the children.

Our teachers are committed and our preschools are quiet and peaceful, with a balanced daily rhythm. We want the children enjoy coming to preschool; and based on their individual needs all children should be seen, heard and respected.


We want to nurture future cosmopolitans so they know their rights and their obligations. This is achieved by teaching children how to be a responsible person and the importance of being a good friend as well as to safeguard the environment.

The preschool is designed to give children the opportunity to make active choices. This enhances their independence.

The teachers encourage and raise the children to strengthen their self-esteem and their social skills.


When teaching, it is always the interests of the child that decides the educational activities. With us, the children acquire knowledge and learn to seek information, analyse and to question. By providing the right context and conditions and by observing the children, the teachers support the children in their research and learning.
We strive to work in small groups so that all children can make themselves heard. We work with different themes or projects to bring together different subjects as science, mathematics and technology to one entity.

Tellusbarn is a playful learning centre. Through play, children learn to interact, be considerate and learn how to claim social space as well as developing language skills. Play also sparks creativity and imagination. Our teachers are always present and give the children a helping hand if needed.

Core Values

At Tellusbarn we have a common set of values that is the foundation of our work and it guides us when meeting the children, our colleagues and the parents.


We find solutions where others see problems. We are flexible and dare to try new ways. We let our differences develop our concept, whether they are cultural, linguistic or individual.


We always show respect for the children, parents and each other because we are sensitive to other people’s needs, their feelings and desires.


We take personal responsibility for our actions, our environment and for the safety of the children. We keep our promises, live up to our guidelines and act when something goes wrong.

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