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Our Concept

Tellusbarn operates 15 pre-schools in Stockholm and Uppsala. The company was founded in 2007 and has about one hundred employees and more than 900 children attending.
The Education Act and the National Curriculum is the foundation we work from, but we put extra focus on Language, Creativity and Health:


We put great focus on strengthening children’s language skills. This applies mainly to Swedish but also to other languages. We will be happy to implement bilingual classes should the need arise. We also see the importance in strengthening children’s cultural identity.


The verbal language is only one tool for children when going out to face the world. We also develop the musical and the visual language, often called Creation.
Creation is very joyful and contributes to increased confidence and self-esteem, improves motor skills and develops the imagination and the will to explore.


Children need a balanced diet with good nutrition and daily exercise, indoors and outdoors. We put equal force to children’s present well-being as well as preparing them for a healthy life in the future.

Bijan Fahimi är VD på Tellusbarn.

Narges Moshiri är grundare av Tellusbarn och styrelseordförande.

Our Vision

A good start in life to secure facing the big world.

Our pre-schools are the cradle of democracy where children are educated to become citizens who are aware of their rights and their obligations.

We want to prepare the kids so that they can meet the ongoing globalization with confidence. A world beyond and within our own country.

We want to inspire and develop future cosmopolitans that easily move between languages and cultures and can face the future with creativity and ingenuity; fellow human beings who are secure within their own identity and who can meet others with respect and excitement.

The small pre-school world of today meets the global world of tomorrow.

Verksamhetsinriktning 2019-2020
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