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A good start in life prepares children to meet the big world

Our vision is to give children a good start in life, and the tools they may need to meet the big world. With security in your own identity, it is easier to meet others with respect and curiosity. With a focus on language, the arts and health, we want to inspire and develop young individuals who can move between languages and cultures in order to face the future with creativity and ingenuity.

Our business

Tellusbarn operates eight kindergartens in Stockholm and Uppsala. The organization was founded in 2007 and currently has one hundred employees and more than 550 child seats.
We work from the Education Act (Skollagen) and the Swedish national curriculum, with additional focus on language, the arts and health:


We place great emphasis on strengthening children’s language skills, mainly Swedish, but also other languages. We develop bilingual departments where there is a demand. We also attach importance to strengthening children’s cultural identity. In two preschools, Sherwood and Galaxen, we have education in both Swedish and English, so that the children develop both languages.

The Arts

Verbal language is only one of children’s tools to face the world. We also develop the musical and the visual languages through creative activities such as drama, music and painting.
Creative activities are pleasurable and help build self-confidence, improve motor skills and the development of both curiosity and imagination.


Children need a balanced, healthy diet and daily exercise, both indoors and outdoors. We put as much effort into the children’s well-being today as in laying the foundation for a healthy lifestyle in the future.

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