Busy times at Sherwood

Holiday traditions

We explore different holiday traditions that there are in the group to help increase the child´s cultural awareness and it also helps the children understand and appreciate other cultures. This time the children planted lentils which is a symbol of the spring in the Persian New Year, Nowruz. They watered the lentils daily and watched its growing process.

The preschool should also make sure that different cultures are visible in education (Lpfö 18). The preschool should provide each child with the conditions to develop:

  • develop their identity and feel secure in themselves,
  • develop their understanding of science and relations in nature, as well as knowledge of plants, animals, and also simple chemical processes and physical phenomena (Lpfö 18)


Dialogic Book Reading

“Dialogic Book Reading” is a method that helps the children to develop their oral language skills. This method helps the children to increase their vocabulary and then in a longer process they will be able to communicate with that specific language. In Sherwood preschool we use this method both in English and Swedish language. For this term we chose a very interesting book which was very popular among the group ” The very hungry caterpillar” which is in English. As there is a Swedish version of the book, we realized that it will be a great idea to do it at the same time in Swedish as well. The younger children groups 1 to 3 years old are working with this method and the result is fantastic. As the children have shown strong interest in the book, we have even started a project about the book and we’ll explore the content of the book through different fun activities.

The preschool should provide each child with the conditions to develop

  • an interest in stories, pictures and texts in different media, both digital and other, and their ability to use, interpret, question and discuss them,
  • a nuanced use of spoken language and vocabulary, as well as the ability to play with words, relate things, express thoughts, as questions, put forward arguments and communicate with other in different contexts and for different purpose (Lpfö 18)

/The Penguins and The Butterflies