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Preschool The Rainbow

Love Almqvist 4C

112 53 Stockholm 

The rainbow is located on Love Almqvistväg in Kristineberg. The preschool has its own playground and welcomes 35 children in the charming setting.

The Rainbow preschool is located in spacious and bright premises close to various parks and lush areas that are used every day. A healthy relationship to movement and one's body needs to be created early. Therefore, we work actively with movement both inside and out. Inside the preschool we offer the children an educator-led movement on a regular basis. With a well thought-out outdoor education, we lay the foundation for the children's interest in moving outside. Children who are out a lot are exposed to fewer risk of infection and move more naturally than those who spend a lot of time indoors. 

Outdoor activities mean that we can give children more opportunities to enjoy the diversity that nature offers. Nature offers endless opportunities for educational activities – among cones, leaves, ants and snails hides languages, as well as mathematics and science.

Whether we are in nearby parks or on longer excursions, we start from experiential learning, which means that children learn with all the senses and the whole body. What you do with your body gets stuck in the bud! 

Together we do everything from picking and sorting litter to exploring how plants and animals in nature look and work. 

Pedagogy helps to make children aware of both nature and the right of public access.

Bilingual with a focus on particularly talented children

The Rainbow preschool is located in Kristineberg, close to transport links, parks and green areas. The business is conducted in spacious and bright premises and has its own farm. The preschool has a focus on particularly talented children and a Swedish-English profile. There is an art educator at the preschool who works with creative processes together with the children every week.

We base our teaching on the interests and experiences of children, where play is at the heart of the game. Through play, children learn to interact with each other, show consideration and dare to take their place. In play, the language develops and the children get an outlet for their creativity and imagination. Anything is possible in the game!

Here at The Rainbow we work as far as possible in small groups to enable participation and security for all children. The teaching includes many different activities and provides space for the children's own exploration. With us, the children are given the opportunity to make active choices themselves and we meet the children where they are and challenge them based on their own circumstances and needs. Preschool should be fun, educational, safe and secure for all children.



Language is the key to good communication and a tool for thinking and putting into words your experiences and feelings. Present and active educators are the key to language teaching in preschool. Through conversation, interaction, reading and language games, children's language development is stimulated. With us at The Rainbow there is a clear and well-developed language environment with books, fairy tales, rhymes and chants. In our teaching, we use proof-based language-enhancing methods to stimulate and follow the language development of all children.

The fact that preschool has a Swedish-English profile means that there are English-speaking educators who largely speak English with the children, in both teaching and care situations. Our main language is still Swedish, but we make sure that songs, books and other material are available in both Swedish and English. In this way, children can acquire both languages in preschool.

Children are given the opportunity to create different forms of creation at our preschool and there is a creative environment that is available to all children. With us, it is the creative process itself that is important, it is in it that we can arouse curiosity, discover new and stimulate interaction and creativity. In our teaching we continuously use image, music, singing and dance. Giving children space for different forms of expression is of great importance for children's development, both linguistically and motorically. In addition, creating together promotes the community in the group and strengthens children's self-confidence.

At The Rainbow there is an art educator who together with the children works in creative processes in areas such as image, form, music, dance and theatre.  With the art educator, children are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in various creative projects, sometimes together with external actors such as artists or with other preschools.

At the preschool The Rainbow there are educators who have experience and knowledge of particularly talented children. Children's groups are not only organised according to the age of the children, but we also take into account each individual child's development and learning conditions. At our preschool there is no ceiling on learning – to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to develop as far as possible, the educators ensure that they both broaden and deepen their knowledge in different subjects.

The children's interests and abilities form the basis for how we at the preschool plan our educational environments and materials, so that all children can participate and develop based on their circumstances. The emphasis in both everyday routines and activities is intellectual stimulation based on what children show interest in.

During the introduction to the preschool, educators and guardians together map the children's individual circumstances, in order to provide the right stimulation and challenges right from the start. When it's time to start school, preschool educators give a clear handover to the takeover school, to ensure that every child continues to be challenged based on their level of knowledge.

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