Digization in preeschool

Digitization in preschool. What does this mean? This means that we work with, among other things, QR codes and our robot mouse. With QR codes, we have now taken the first step by working with it several times a week. Right now it is done through our calendar during the month of December. We got our robot mouse in the fall. The robot mouse’s purpose is programming. Through programming, the child gets another language that they will benefit from in the future, and that is through algorithms and commands. Programming teaches the child to understand that a command, an instruction, is needed from humans for the robot to do what we want it to do. During this and next semester we will do analog and digital programming. By learning programming, we give the child a chance to develop their computer logical thinking and their mathematical ability. The mathematical ability is developed by, among other things. Follow reasoning, logical and creative thinking, problem solving skills.