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Hi, Thomas Nilsson is my name and works as principal at the preschool. I am a trained preschool teacher and have worked in preschool and school since 1994. My vision with preschool besides Tellusbarn's vision, which is " A good start in life for meeting the big world" is my vision that all children should be developed and challenged in their own learning from where the children/children are located. We will have educators who look after every child and who want to be involved in creating the best preschool.

At The Inventor, children have the opportunity to participate in exciting excursions, working in projects, learning languages and other fun Things.

Mvh Thomas Nilsson

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Working with clarifying pedagogy in preschool

In order for their stay at the preschool to be fun, safe and instructive, children need to experience that everyday life is understandable, manageable and meaningful. It is important that today's structure and routines are clear to children, and that everyone knows and understands what is going to happen and what is expected of them. One way to make the day at preschool more understandable is to use clarifying pedagogy. Clarifying pedagogy is about using visual strategies to complement the spoken language. A common visual strategy is to use image support. Children


Creative and exploratory children at the preschool Piazzan

Children are intelligent if we adults give children opportunities, children should be allowed to think freely and creatively.  Inspired by Reggio Emilia's philosophy, we have taken a stand to actively take advantage of and investigate the Centennial languages. Children always have something to tell, they are in narrative worlds. With the help of different languages, we hear these stories in different ways. A key to learning and development is the creative, to feel that you have the opportunity to change and influence your learning situation. Preschool educators need to give children the opportunity to recreate relationships, aids and situations, and give the opportunity to try many times in different contexts, and with different types of aids. In the Piazza, educators give children the opportunity to participate