Exciting project between Paletten and Sherwood


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During the autumn there was an exciting theme around bridges at the preschools Paletten in Husby and the preschool Sherwood on Kungsholmen. The aim was to make the creative process around bridges an opening to provide the opportunity for new meetings between the children. Creating opportunities for meetings both within and outside our own business is an exciting opportunity that we value highly. Felice, who is one of the studio educators at Tellusbarn and runs the creative work at three of our preschools, led this theme at Paletten and Sherwood.

In the work on bridges, the starting point has been that they are built to overcome obstacles. Examples of obstacles include valleys, water or intersecting traffic. Bridges can also connect countries or continents with each other or make islands reachable from the mainland. Stockholm, for example, is a city on islands connected to bridges, and in Husby pedestrian is walking on bridges between the blocks, while traffic beneath them moves.

Both different materials and techniques have been used in children's creative processes in the theme of bridges, to give children the opportunity for several forms of expression, they have also had to film different bridges. The children have been given the opportunity to practice cooperation and interaction with others by building a larger bridge together, where bridges have been built from one child to another. This has been aimed at shaping how a bridge can act as an important link for communication and interaction between people, because meetings between people can be like building bridges. During the project, such important interactions have been created between the preschools Sherwood and Paletten, which, although both belong to the City of Stockholm, are still two areas that differ from each other. The children at the two preschools worked on the same theme and sent recorded video messages to each other, where they told the children at the other preschool a little bit about themselves. At Tellusbarn we see this as one of the most important assignments we have, to create meetings between people and to make room for new relationships to be created.

See more here: https://vimeo.com/hapetzeder/broar

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