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Contact & Address

Carmen Negrete, Head of preschool
Mob: 070-760 99 81

Preschool Tulpanen
Blomdahls väg 9
756 49 Uppsala


Blåklockan: 072-253 13 40
Fyrklövern: 072-253 13 41
Solrosen: 072-253 13 42


Tulpanen is located on Blomdalsväg close to Gottsunda Centrum. The preschool welcomes, at the most, 50 children divided into 3 groups. We have our own playground and are very close to parks and other leisure areas. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are served.

Opening hours 06.30-17.30


may, 2019

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Preschool Tulpanen, Uppsala

It is in preschool, we start good habits. Acquiring motor skills is part of a child’s development. Dance and PE are regular features indoors or in the play area or maybe in the forest.

Whether we are in the nearby parks or on longer trips, we learn by doing, which means that children learn with all senses and the body. We learn how to keep the outdoor environment clean by picking rubbish and recycling and we learn how wild plants and animals function. Being out and about helps to make children aware of their surroundings as well as learning about The Swedish Right of Public Access.

Breakfast, lunch and snacks are served and all meals are wholesome and carefully put together for a healthy and balanced diet. The lunches are catered from Happy Food with a large proportion of organic and local ingredients.

We focus a lot on language, mathematics, science, and our indoor and outdoor environment. Every day starts with a morning activity. It can be an excursion or maybe PE.

Learning through storytelling. A fairy tale is a world of its own that sparks your imagination. Language, creativity, drama etc are all woven together in a playful learning process.

At our preschool, the children learn to develop their abilities to talk, listen, reflect and express themselves in many different ways. Music and singing are important parts of developing children’s ability to express their feelings and thoughts. Children learn about different subjects such as science and mathematics, but in a simple and, for them, enjoyable way.
We bring the outdoor with us in and create exciting things. Our preschool children enjoy exploring different materials and techniques. Children love to express themselves through dance and drama.

Learning is multi-sensory and our studio helps children to develop their senses and express thoughts and feelings. Through creation of different kinds of materials and techniques such as clay, painting with sponges, brushes and marble painting the children experiment by themselves and together with the teachers.

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