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Contact & Address

Bahar Neufeld, Head of preschool
Mob: 070-760 20 79

Förskolan Pusslet
Mockasinvägen 24
126 39 Älvsjö


Stjärnan: 072-370 06 10
Solen: 072-370 06 11
Regnbågen: 072-370 06 12


Pusslet is located in the lovely park area of Apelsinlunden. We are surrounded by parks and playgrounds and public transport is within easy reach to take us out on longer trips.

We welcome, at the most, 51 children divided into three different groups.

Opening hours are 06:30–18:30, Monday-Friday all year around except on public holidays, and New Year’s Eve, Midsummer Eve, and Christmas Eve.


december, 2019


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Preschool Pusslet, Älvsjö

Children have access to more languages than what we call verbal or spoken language. They can convey thoughts and emotions by drawing, painting, singing or creating different types of modeling. At Pusslet children have the opportunity to, in a calm environment, work together in small groups and with a selection materials. Having our own studio also gives us the opportunity to try many different techniques and materials.

Learning is multi-sensory and the creative process contributes to learn in other areas such as science and about the environment, technology and engineering, mathematics and languages.

We put great emphasis on stimulating each child’s language development. Every day the children are given the opportunity to listen to stories and storytelling, we sing and discuss while playing. We encourage and take advantage of the child’s curiosity and interest in the written language. The meal times are peaceful and give us time to talk about what we have been doing during the day.

We do a lot of singing, dancing and rhythm to develop children’s language, motor skills and creativity in an enjoyable way. Play is important for children to develop and learn. At Pusslet each child learns how to process feelings and experiences. Through multi-sensory learning, imagination, empathy, speech and ability to interact are stimulated.

We have a great outdoor play area around our preschool that invites the children to all kinds of activities. Our children spend much time outdoors; in the woods, in playgrounds or in the play area which has appropriate play equipment. Being outdoors also makes the children wanting to explore, make their own constructions and create their own fantasy world.

Indoors, we have special PE programmes for children and we dance with the entire body to songs specially written for children. We practice balance acts and dance to develop children’s motor skills.

Whether we are in the nearby parks or on longer trips, our policy is always “Learning by Doing”, which means that the children take things in with all their senses and their bodies. We learn how to keep the outdoor environment clean by picking rubbish and recycling and we learn how wild plants and animals function. Being out and about also helps to make children aware of their surroundings as well as learning about The Swedish Right of Public Access.

Developing healthy eating habits starts in preschool. At Pusslet we serve breakfast, lunch and snacks with a high proportion of organic ingredients. The lunch is prepared and cooked from scratch in one of the Tellusbarns kitchen. We serve a nutritious diet and teaches kids to appreciate vegetables and other healthy foods.


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